Dandelion Wine are a dark ethereal electro-folk band that while based in Melbourne Australia, inhabit a very different world. A world where the centuries bleed into one another to create a seamless whole. A world where medieval instruments collide headlong with electronic beats. A world where angelic vocals soar over waves of distorted guitars. A world where gentle acoustic whispers sit alongside impassioned blasts of inner turmoil.

Dandelion Wine's latest album ‘All Becompassed By Stars’ (recorded in Berlin in the freezing 2009/2010 winter) takes the increased energy and danceability of 2008's ‘Selected Anachronisms’ to a new level of intensity, whilst simultaneous featuring some of the band's most ethereal and beautiful work to date. The result is an album of extremes, with a distinct dichotomy between the pounding beats of songs such as ‘Gravity’ and the delicate acoustic flourishes of ‘Early Warning Sign’ or the ambient textures of ‘Seven Times As Bright’. However, even amid the most intense songs, the band's trademark use of medieval and folk instruments is still clearly evident, with dulcimers, bell cittern and flutes ringing out over the fat analogue synths, big beats and cranked guitars.

Don't let the textured ambience found on the band's recordings fool you: a Dandelion Wine live show has been honed in fourteen countries and is not a stand and mumble into the microphone affair. On the contrary, it is an energetic, passionate and visually arresting delivery of the band's unique music- strings are broken, sweat is expelled and feathers are ruffled.

Dandelion Wine are:
Naomi Henderson - vocals, flute, recorder, sansula, HandSonic, percussion, electronics, guitar
Nicholas Albanis - guitars, Appalachian dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bell cittern, lute, bowed psaltery, mandolin, bass, percussion, vocals, electronics
Francesca Mountfort - cello, vocals, glockenspiel

Following Dandelion Wine's fifth European tour in 2009, the band relocated to their adoptive home of Berlin which served as a base to tour throughout Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania and Switzerland and to play at festivals such as Summer Darkness (Utrecht, Netherlands) and Menuo Juodaragis (Lake Zarasai, Lithuania). A temporary studio was set up in Berlin's Kreuzberg area to record the album ‘All Becompassed By Stars’ (Dandelion Wine's third album on the German label Ars Musica Diffundére/Black Rain) in the coldest German winter in 20 years. Once mixing was completed the band headed off to Clisson in north west France to master the album with renown French mastering engineer Frédéric Chaplain at Magic Mastering. The album was launched with a sixth European tour in 2010 before returning to Australia. The band returned to Europe for an all acoustic tour in 2012 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their landmark ‘Light Streaming Down’ EP, including the band’s first Estonian concert as well as appearances at Noorderzon Festival (NL), Bruchtal Festival (CH) and other club shows. The 2013 tour saw the band successfully crowdfunding a tour that include world’s largest medieval festival, Festival Mediaval in Germany, as well as Bruchtal Festival in Swirtzerland, Rakvere Castle in Estonia and the band’s first concert in Hong Kong. This also left singer Naomi with atlantic blue, as voted on by the patrons of Festival Medieval in an online poll.

Dandelion Wine's 2008 ‘Selected Anachronisms’ Europe/Japan Tour saw the band's first ever concerts in France and Lithuania, as well as Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Japan and their first UK shows in 6 years. Also included were several festival appearances, including two performances at WGT (Leipzig, Germany), a Hexennacht festival at Schloss Burg Castle (Solingen, Germany), Kunigunda Lunaria (Vilnius, Lithuania) and the 3 Wishes Faery Festival in Cornwall (UK).

Following the European release of their album ‘~An Inexact Science~’ in 2006, Dandelion Wine undertook their third tour of Europe. The tour included shows in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands and Portugal and featured an extremely successful performance at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, which earned the band two standing ovations when they headlined the Schauspeilahus on the final day of WGT. This tour also included the band's first ever shows in Japan.

Similarly, since the Australian release of ‘~An Inexact Science~’ (2006, Crustacean Creations/Reverberation) Dandelion Wine have undertaken four tours of Australia (Vic, NSW, QLD, SA, WA) in late 2006, 2007 & 2008. On the back of their earlier CD ‘Light Streaming Down’, Dandelion Wine had already toured Europe twice, playing in the UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands and Romania. On top of this, they have built a following in their native Australia through extensive live performance as well as TV, alternative radio and press coverage. The range of venues that have played host to Dandelion Wine live shows is a testament to the diversity of the bands music and audience from indie pubs, goth clubs, folk festivals, arts centres and even the occasional metal club.

Prior to the release of ‘Light Streaming Down’ Dandelion Wine's local Australian releases consist of ‘Tunguska Butterfly’ (album, 2000), ‘Cat’ (single, 2001) and ‘ReJiggered’ (remixes, 2002).