Random happy snaps from on tour

Toon Busdriver Extraordinaire, Netherlands 2009

Ottenstein N

Soundcheck at Ottenstein Hall, Schwarzenberg, Germany 2010 by Otto Jetter

Anthinoises stage

Before soundcheck, Anthinoises, Belgium 2010

backstage jam IMG_0402

Backstage jam with Keltia at Anthinoises, Belgium 2010

curly mo IMG_0427

The Mad Moustachio Posse, Anthinoises, Belgium 2010

Schlossburg stage

Before soundcheck for the Hexennacht Pagan Folk Festival, Solingen, Germany 2008

WGT crowd

The crowd at Heidnisches Dorf (Wave Gotik Treffen), Leipzig, Germany 2008

DW with alytus youth orchestra

DW with the Alytus Youth Orchestra, Alytus, Lithuania 2010


Signing autographs at Menuo Juodaragis, Lithuania 2009

mjr stage

Before soundcheck at Menuo Juodaragis, Lithuania 2009

mjr crowd

The crowd at Menuo Juodaragis, Lithuania 2009

gdansk GPS

GPS, Gdansk, Poland 2010


Naomi with Irfan (Bulgaria) at Anthinoises, Belgium 2010

sd backstage

Backstage at Summer Darkness, Utrecht, Netherlands 2009

sd stall

Merch-man extraordinaire Sebastian Jansen at Summer Darkness, Utrecht, Netherlands 2009

crowd Vilnius

Crowd at Mulen Ružas, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010

soundcheck Vilnius broken

Fixing broken stuff at soundcheck at Mulen Ružas, Vilnius, Lithuania 2010

devils pit group

The Devil's Pit with Dangus & Spanxti, Lithiuania 2008

radio akropolis

DW, Brillig, Pavel Zelinka and the Radio Akropolis crew, Prague, Czech Republic, 2009

Schwarzenberg crew

DW, Jan, the FRS crew & a man with a sausage, Schwarzenberg, Germany 2010

frs joerg

With Jörg Beier, Schwarzenberg, Germany 2009

Hippo G

Working on Hippo animation, Berlin 2009

Hippo doll

Paper doll version of Naomi for the Hippo animation, Berlin 2009

hippo on hnd

The smallest hippo ever to come to a DW concert, Warszawa, Poland 2010


WTF??? Elf Fantasy Fair, Netherlands 2009

trolls stage

Before soundcheck, Trolls Et Legéndes with Louisa John-Krol, Mons, Belgium 2009

trolls backstage jam

Backstage jam at Trolls Et Legéndes, Mons, Belgium 2009

trolls stoa

With Stoa, at Trolls Et Legéndes, Mons, Belgium 2009

schoko steps

When you get to the venue too early, Schokoladen, Berlin 2008


Automotive WTF #1 - stolen registration plates, Liege, Belgium 2007


Automotive WTF # 2 - broken stuff on the Autobahn, Germany 2008


Automotive WTF # 3 - roadkill in the Black Forest, Germany 2007


Automotive WTF # 4 - somewhere in Germany near the Dutch border 2009


A lizard we met on the highway on the way to a show in Adelaide, Australia, 2009

Warsaw soundchek

Soundcheck at Klub No Mercy, Warszawa, Poland 2008

Kunigunda crowd

Crowd at Kunigunda Lunaria, Vilnius, Lithuania 2008

absynthe Vilnius

Absynthe to cure Nicholas' flu, Vilnius, Lithuania 2008


Tank! Somewhere in Poland, 2008

dynamo board

"Ich bin ein Kanguruh" Nach(t)brand, Dynamo, Zürich, Switzerland 2009

nachtbrand3 IMG_5967

WIth Jacki and Ronni, Nach(t)brand, Dynamo, Zürich, Switzerland 2010

BR van

The mighty Black Rain van, Germany, 2008

SuperDeluxe N test

SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan 2007

SuperDeluxe gearfest

Talking gear with Ao (You Do Simon), SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan 2007

SuperDeluxe instruments

Nicholas' instruments, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan 2007


With You Do Simon, Tokyo, Japan 2007

TDC stage

Soundcheck at Tokyo Dark Castle, Japan 2008


DW with Sellisternium, Bydgoszcz, Poland 2007


DW meet Black Rain for the first time, Berlin, Germany 2007

WGT tokyoers

WIth Gothika and DJ SIsen from Japan, WGT Leipzig, Germany 2008


Interview outside the club with Pavel Zelinka, Prague, Czech Republic 2007

Zurich rig 2

Guitar rig, Nach(t)brand/Dynamo, Zürich, Switzerland 2008


DW with Hägar, Rock CIty, Uster, Switzerland 2007