You can stream all tracks from any Dandelion Wine release from our webshop at Bandcamp.

You can also stream a selection of tracks from our
Soundcloud page.


First of all, we would like to thank you for purchasing our music!

Ultimately, we are happy for you to buy our music from wherever you would like, either as physical CDs or as digital downloads but we have to admit we do have a preference for buying either directly from the band, from our label or from small local retailers. Why? Well, quite simply, by buying direct from us or our label you are supporting the people who created the music and made it available; and by buying from a small local business you are supporting the people who are passionate about getting underground music out there. Big companies really don’t care if they are selling Dandelion Wine, Lady Gaga, mobile phones or hamburgers.
But of course, we understand that convenience is important as well so here are a few options - choose whichever you like!

Dandelion Wine’s Webshop at Bandcamp

CDs, downloads (almost any format you can think of!) plus free streaming.
Probably our favourite for obvious reasons - support us directly.
Other groovy aspects:
- preview streaming of the whole album
- free immediate download when you buy a physical CD
- ability to order signed CDs
- see photos of the CD packaging to know exactly what you’re getting

Black Rain / Emmo Biz online CD sales
Black Rain Download

Ok, so it’s not cool for a band to say good things about their label, but you know what? Black Rain is run by good people who are passionate about music and are integral to getting our music out in Europe and North America so if you live in either of those territories then it’s a great place to buy from!


Webshop at Bandcamp

Black Rain

Emmo Biz

Another great bunch of people doing great things!

Plastic Head Distribution

Storming The Base




Webshop at Bandcamp

Black Rain Download



Please note:
Light Streaming Down, Cat and Tunguska Butterfly are only available through Dandelion Wine’s webshop.

Banner image by Arthur Koek