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MusicExtreme - South America, Jan 2004

An extremely beautiful female vocal open this album (Naomi Henderson is amazing in delivering this lines that send chills down your spine) creating the atmosphere that will prevail through all this amazing recording. The melodies that this voice creates takes you into a journey with a calm atmosphere that when combined with keyboards or guitars brings many pagan images to your mind. This is an album that is ideal to listen with the lights out because in that situation you can appreciate. Imagine a darker Dead Can Dance combined with the most obscure Kari Rueslåtten to just have a small idea of what Dandelion Wine does. Each composition is cleanly and perfectly developed and the use of amazing arrangements is essential for Dandelion Wine's music. There are parts that have instruments like Cello and flute and this instrumentation add a different perspective to the band's music. An amazing recording.

Electronic Diseases - Netherlands
by Beautevil
Rating : 8

Dandelion Wine is a band that combines traditional instruments with atmospheric keyboard sounds, just like Gothica and Louisa John-Krol. The atmosphere during "Light Streaming Down" of these Austalians fits nicely between the two mentioned acts. Gothica is a bit more melancholic and Louisa John-Krol is a bit more joyful, but Mandelion Wine got the same ingredients. Mandelion Wine got a nice extra in their instrumental songs like the almost nine minutes taking 'Cella's Movement'. That song got a lovely floating guitar sound. The voice of Naomi Henderson fits perfectly in the dreamy atmosphere and she doesn't have to sing any words, but her screaming is enough [like in 'Begin Journey' and 'Light Streaming Down']. The music of Dandelion Wine some similarities with [symphonic] rock music through the use of electric guitar. The result is a lovely atmospheric record.

Starvox - USA, Aug 2003
by Jezebel

I am torn already. Just looking at the CD in its very unique casing, I am torn. I love the unique casing. Something too polished to be home-done, but just enough “homedonedness” to it to be charming. You open it up like a present and that is cool. But…BUT. I like my CD display in my living room. People come in and say “ooh” because of my CDs…this wouldn’t sit in it very well. So. 10 on design. 2 on practicality.

But this is about music. Right?


And what music it is. This is my first Australian band that I have reviewed (I just don’t count Nick Cave – sorry he’s English, in my head anyway) so I am quite ready and intrigued. I don’t know what I expected or why I expected something different because it was from Aussies, but I did. And ya know what, I was not disappointed.

A mixture of Rhea’s Obsession with Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Cranes, Faith and Disease and Shroud with an Aussie flavour is the way to describe this. Atmospheric and soft and elevating, it dances into your ears and just softly floats around your brain like a ghost in a haunted house.

The second track, “Light Streaming Down,” i.e. the title track is so interesting in that there are different production values here, it’s about mesmerizing you and pulling you into something. And they do that somehow through the production AND the music. I think because we have such unique instruments (Appalachian dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, lute, bowed psaltery) coupled with a culture that gives such a unique insight into percussion, we get something exciting and rare. Well, at least to this American ear.

As the title track sings, hums, at times, bounces along, you walk along with them on their journey, and it’s pleasant and relaxing and kind. It’s a tad overdrawn and done… ending earlier than I think it does.

“Les Parapluies Qui Ont Mange Les Paris.” Yup – say that five times fast. I can’t say it once as my French is restricted to ballet terms and bad tourist French. Okay – off to “The Umbrellas Which Have Eats Paris” – now that is NOT what they intended, is it? Oh who cares, this sultry, sometimes surprising music is lovely and the perfect partner to a night in a club as you are discussing the meaning of life. It sits in the background, and sometimes offers some little jewel of a thought. The production is a little sketchy here though, as the percussion is over done and is scratchy and a bit harsh on the ears. Without it – the song is more lovely.

“To Dream is to Follow” sounded like a Disney song to me when I first saw it. Come on you can see Cinderella singing that, can’t you? So when the soft sound of Naomi’s voice comes out, you are wondering when Cinderella took all those drugs. No…I am not saying that Naomi does take drugs! Please don’t read that and take it that way. I was just wondering when Cinderella lost that blue dress and the tiara and found herself some free floating dresses, let her hair out and ran barefoot through the meadow. This is folksy in a grown-up way which is very pretty, although I don’t know if Naomi’s voice fills the song enough. I like it, I could grow to love, but I would love to hear a fuller voice try it. Attempt to contrast the softness of the music itself. The very fairy like sound. Sorry…that is what I think of. What I see when I hear this song. Strung out fairies. Hope that makes sense to you – because it barely does to me.

“Cella’s Movement” starts with the softest of flourishes and the strangest of sounds. A gorgeous beginning. Intriguing and beguiling. As I believe it is ethereal’s job to do, this takes you on a softly coated journey into dreams and visions and landscapes within one’s mind. You are never really pulled or pushed anywhere, but slightly guided, being given enough freedom to travel, yet not enough rope to hang oneself. There is something magickal in a band that can do that. Yes this is bathtub music. Even when it “kicks in” (we are talking an ethereal kick by the way), it never is jarring and is still supportive of your dreamscapes.

“Begin Journey (Rejiggered)” is a remix of the first song which I had not mentioned. I thought I would do them together. I really like the original version. It’s soft, welcomes you into the album, sets the stage for the rest of listening. So…why “rejigger” it. Damn, they did it. Shit…let’s have the possible dance track. Something that perhaps the DJ will play early in the evening, right after Dead Can Dance. Something all the swirly girly girls will come out to…well, to swirl their skirts to. I am not saying that is not well done, but when the remix is almost twice as long as the original, there is something a little odd here. And I just have a problem with the gratuitous; let’s put the remix there so we can get some DJ play. But that is just me.
I am having trouble writing the last paragraph for this. The conclusion. AHA. The last song ended, my brain is free again. I personally like this album quite a bit. I think it’s interesting and unique ethereal music. There is a great introducing of unique instruments.

I like Dandelion Wine. They were a tasty drink.

Reviews in Russian:

Shadowplay - Russia
by AW
Rating: 4.5

Этот замечательный материал совсем молодой австралийской команды содержит сразу несколько моментов, за которые группу стоит если не страстно полюбить с первого взгляда, то хотя бы зауважать с эротическим оттенком. Обволакивающий низкочастотно-электронный дарк-вэйв по мере своего развития преображается в этериал с нежным девичьим вокалом на птичьем языке, потом обогащается ритуальностью пост-трип-хопа, прозрачным фортепиано с живым басом и флейтами, принимает из пространства развеянные в нем остаточные блюзовые флюиды, неслышными кошачьими шагами пробирается через вновь возникшие на его пути амбиентные пространства, и, оставаясь при этом каким-то неописуемым способом верным самому себе, возвращается к развитию самой первой темы, привнося в нее какие-то странные, чуть ли не этнические струнные. Все это богато приправлено гитарой, причем звучащей попеременно в самых разных регистрах и манерах. Плюс подчеркнуто минималистическая мелодика. Плюс всегда уместный и деликатный женский вокал. Плюс все это крайне интересно, и смело – ну, может быть, за исключением всего пары моментов – сведено и скомпоновано. Действительно стильная и вкусная музыка, призванная просто-таки облагородить самые темные уголки вашего ежедневного чил-аута. В грядущих планах команды участие в нескольких готовящихся к выходу компиляциях и последующий релиз полноформатного очередного диска, причем среди претендентов на эту, без всяких оговорок, почетную миссию значится и один из российских лейблов. Что ж, новички заинтриговали, подкинув тонкий ребус, развитие и частичную разгадку которого нам придется немного подождать. Праздник нового вина мы пережили, остается только заранее смаковать богатство букета, который напиток обретет со временем, являющимся, собственно, самым лучшим виноделом.

Reviews in Italian:

Shapeless - Italy, Sep 2006
by Hellvis
Rating: 7.5

Ormai vi sarete abituati a leggere su Shapeless recensioni di gruppi non metal! Non che questo possa considerarsi un vanto per una webzine il cui motto è "Keep the Metal Faith alive!". Ma come si può non premiare la buona volontà di quei gruppi che ci inviano del materiale confidando nel nostro supporto? Questo è il caso degli australiani Dandelion Wine, la cui musica è quanto di più distante ci possa essere dal genere grintoso e sudato che ci piace tanto! Teonzo li ha contattati dopo aver letto una recensione nella quale il loro stile veniva definito gothic metal. Come spesso accade, l'informazione si è rivelata falsa.

Questo gruppo è composto dalla cantante Naomi Henderson (anche flauto e percussioni), dal bassista Steve Wheeler e dal polistrumentista Nicholas Albanis (chitarra, Appalachian dulcimer, dulcimer a percussione, liuto, salterio, elettronica). Avrete già notato che gli strumenti coinvolti in questo progetto musicale non sono comuni! Anzi, è proprio una prerogativa del gruppo quella di mescolare suoni antichi con beat elettronici. Complessivamente la loro musica è suggestiva e raffinata, debitrice in parte ai Dead Can Dance ma anche ai Black Tape For A Blue Girl. I musicisti giocano molto sulle varie sonorità e sui "colori" che riescono a creare. L'arrangiamento è notevole proprio per questo: le variazioni sonore avvengono in maniera del tutto naturale e la musica diventa un fiume di suono delicato che si muove e si mescola in continuazione. Il procedere dei brani è ipnotico, psichedelico e totalmente rilassante. La voce di Naomi è stentorea ed il suo timbro si amalgama alla perfezione col suono dei Dandelion Wine.

La mia traccia preferita del MCD che sto recensendo si intitola "Cella's Movement", forse perché è quella che più di ogni altra è una canzone nel vero senso della parola. Tra le curiosità del CD, alla fine c'è un rifacimento del primo brano "Begin Journey". Qui il trio sfoga le sue tentazioni sognanti, come già aveva fatto d'altra parte in "To Drown Is To Follow".

Potrei andare avanti a descrivere "Light Streaming Down" ma non farei altro che riscrivere con parole diverse gli stessi concetti. Questo è il classico CD da ascoltare più che da descrivere. Inoltre penso che molti lettori di Shapeless potrebbero passare oltre se questa recensione fosse più lunga, visto che non sto scrivendo di metal.

Nel loro genere i Dandelion Wine ci sanno fare. Hanno tenuto diversi tour in vari continenti e non è una cosa da poco per gli australiani, spesso tagliati fuori da tutto. Il loro stile è personale e sono sicuro che il loro nome non passerà inosservato nel loro ambiente.

Consiglio questo CD a tutti gli amanti del genere gothic elettronico dalle influenze folk, oppure a tutti quei lettori che vogliono provare qualcosa di diverso. Tra i metallari, beh, chi ha apprezzato i The 3rd And The Mortal di "Tears Laid In Earth" potrebbe trovare interessanti anche i Dandelion Wine. Naturalmente questi ultimi non hanno né i chitarroni pesanti né la voce di Kari. Ho fatto questo accostamento tanto per dare un'idea delle atmosfere di "Light Streaming Down". Il mio dovere di recensirli l'ho fatto. Ora sta a voi decidere che conclusioni trarne!

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