The making of ~An Inexact Science~

Thursday, August 17, 2006
(The absurd and true details)

~An Inexact Science~ had a couple of false starts!

Naomi and Nicholas returned from their first European tour in December 2002 with the intention of starting work on a new album. However, they then received an invitation to play at the 10th Annual Romanian Festival of Music in Bucharest so they embarked on another tour of Europe in May 2003.

When Naomi, Nicholas and Steve returned to Australia they set about recording the album, beginning with the song ‘Fence’ (a live favourite) using a PC and an old Tascam DAT machine that was used for A/D conversion. Several IT savvy friends were called in to fix ongoing problems but eventually the old beast imploded and refused to do anything except the Blue Screen Of Death.

After much research and to-ing and fro-ing, Nicholas became the proud owner of a shiny new Mac and a MOTU interface. So in 2004 they set about recording the album in earnest. The first day that the new recording setup was patched in and turned on ‘For The Next Time The Whole World Floods With Tears’ was born.

Unlike ‘Tunguska Butterfly’, which was planned and mapped out before a note was recorded, the decision was made to just begin writing and recording without constraining the material.

After a while the album began to take shape and it became apparent which songs went together and which did not. ‘Fence’ and another couple of songs were omitted from the album (and may find themselves as b-sides in the near future).

It also became apparent that there were a few songs that didn’t fit ~An Inexact Science~ but seemed to have a life of their own. These more straight ahead medieval/electro/dance songs will be included on a forthcoming EP: ‘Selected Anachronisms’.*

Along the way bassist Steve Wheeler (who was supposed to be filling temporarily but ended up playing with the band for two years) left the band to concentrate on his main focus, Heligoland. Shortly after, violinist Daniel Stefanski joined the band.

Daniel’s previous work included DeFlocKed, an avant garde string quartet featuring Helen Montford and Hope Cstouros (My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Cosmo Cosmolini). Daniel, a doctor as well as a gifted violinist, played a live show with Dandelion Wine at Cabaret Nocturne/Dream and recorded ‘Muscle Memory’ before leaving Australia to work in HIV research in Botswana.

Amongst the chaos, the band managed to instigate the Dark Exports tour of the East Coast of Australia with Ikon and Immaculata, fracture some ribs in a car accident while taking a German friend to see some marsupials at Healesville sanctuary, do a remix for The Crystaline Effect and Naomi even managed to have some wisdom teeth pulled out!

*as you probably know by now, this wasn’t quite the case and
Selected Anachronisms grew into a fully fledged album

Banner image by Colin Page