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Ars Musica Diffundére/Black Rain

Friends’ bands from around the world:

AutoMod - played at Tokyo Dark Castle together (Japan)
Brillig - labelmates, regularly tour together (Aust)
Coriolis Force - good friend from Paris
Daemonia Nymphe - ancient Greek wonders (Greece)
The Eternal - Nicholas played hammered dulcimer on Kartika (Aust)
Faun - medieval amazingness (Germany)
FourPlay - electric string quartet (Aust)
Gothika - played together at Tokyo Dark Castle (Japan)
Heidi Elva - harp and loops (Aust/NZ)
Irfan - played together at MJR & Anthinoises (Bulgaria)
Louisa John-Krol - regular collaborations (Aust)
Keltia - onstage collaboration at Anthinoieses (Belgium)
Made Of Steam - toured with DW in Europe 2008 (Aust)
The Moon And The Night Spirit - played together at WGT 2008 (Hungary)
Nick Larkins & The Bones - also our sound guy/guitar wrangler (Aust)
Narsilion - labelmates, played together at WGT 2007 (Spain)
Princess One Point Five - local goodness (Aust)
Object - Nicholas was their guitarist in 2009 & 2010 (France)
Reliquary - labelmates (USA)
Sabot - played together in Australia & the Czech Republic (Czech)
Sellisternium - played together several times in Poland (Poland)
Sieben - played together at Summer Darkness 2009 (UK)
Spanxti - folk friends from Vilnius (Lithuania)
Stoa - ambient/neoclassical (Germany)
Wendy Rule - played many shows together in Australia & UK (Aust)
Wolfenmond - DW remixed a track on the Neumond album (Germany)
Winduptoys - Nicholas played hammered dulcimer on the “Double Exposure” album

Other good things:

Andreas Rehkopp - 2010 promo photos (Berlin)
Colin Page - 2006 & 2008 promo & CD photography (Melbourne)
David Deinert - All Becompassed By Stars CD artwork (Chemnitz, Germany)
Katarzyna Pollok - featured paintings in the 2010 promo photos (Berlin, Germany)
Magic Mastering - mastered All Becompassed By Stars (Clisson, France)
Nick Verso - superb film maker (Melbourne)
Prikosnovenie - excellent label for the faerie world (Clisson, France)
Small Studio - Selected Anachronisms CD artwork (Melbourne)
7eme Ciel - great French concerts & limited edition vinyl label (Paris, France)

Banner image by Andreas Rehkopp, digital tomfoolery by Glenn Silver